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The Girl Behind the Lens

Hi, I'm Elizabeth! An artist specializing in fine art luxury weddings, lifestyle portraiture, commercial commissions, and editorial branding. My heartbeat is advocating for marriage and family through design-inspired, heirloom-quality imagery. I'm so glad you're here and can't wait to meet you.
Aside from being an entrepreneur, I'm a California girl with a huge Southern heart. I'm a hugger, not a hand shaker. I'm a night owl, not a morning person. I'm a proud puppy mom to Bella the basset
hound pictured above (fun fact: Ross Mathews featured her hot dog halloween costume on E! News and we've never been the same). I'm also a big dreamer, a proactive doer, a karaoke lover, an interior design fanatic, a rosé enthusiast, an expert napper, a passionate collaborator, a creative storyteller, and a woman who seeks adventure. I’m a hopeless romantic forever swooning over natural light, lush florals, and those pretty details y'all. I'm a firm believer in making every moment count and celebrating all victories large or small. When asked about why I take pictures and what I take pictures of, my response is the passion and emotion of life. My work is modern, artistic and romantic. Editorial blended with a documentary approach. I love capturing pretty light, real emotion, and effortless simplicity. From the sun soaked vineyards in California to the lush gardens in Central Park to the southern comfort in Mississippi to the sandy beaches in Cabo San Lucas to the coastal beauty in St Simons Island. I'll be there with you, wherever your adventure leads.

And so my philosophy is this: to serve couples and families through photography by making them feel beautiful and valued with every interaction, to always find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to know the importance of personal style and comfort zones while simply making people happy in the process.

I value true connection between myself and my clients, between a mother and her newborn, between a groom and his bride. I value the art of allowing moments to unfold authentically, with a bit of direction, of course. I value the details as simple as the way a baby's curly-cue sweeps across her neck or how a brand new wide squeezes her husband's hand just a little tighter. If I can emulate these feelings into fleeting moments captured with imagery while allowing my couples and families to relax and enjoy their time with me, I consider my job well done.
While studying print journalism, graphic design, and studio art for my degrees at Ole Miss, I fell in love with photography and digital marketing. With an eye for radiant beauty, lighthearted laughter, and intricate details, I thrive on telling stories and showcasing brands through frames that captivate the eyes and the heart. Photography is euphoric. Creating ethereal images filled with pops of bright color, soft natural light, organic character, and true elegance is my passion. I'm thankful each and every day to do what I love through celebrating my clients who become lifelong friends. Since 2014, I've been incredibly blessed with a camera to capture life's most exciting moments and serve where love is found. Let's make some magic together!

Fun Facts


As a symbol for my approach to life, the pineapple is my spirit fruit. With a rich historic tradition rooted in hospitality and positive energy, I fully embrace the intangible values it embodies. Cozy thunderstorm weather is 100% my jam. I always have a candle burning and floral arrangements in every room. I'm a tea over coffee, dips over sweets, fall over summer, jeans over dresses, and beach over snow gal. And kind people are my kind of people.


Mountain View, CA


Based In:

Oxford, MS + Nashville, TN

Favorite Vacation:

Rosemary Beach

Photographing Since:


Studied at Ole Miss:
Journalism + Graphic Design

Weddings Captured:


Photography Uniform:

All Black Everything 

Favorite Lens:

50mm 1.2

Favorite Decades:

80s 90s 2000s

Favorite Wine:

Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

Favorite Colors:

Blush Pink + Hydrangea Blue

Favorite Beverage:

Iced Chai or Hot Matcha

Never Without:

Chanel Lipstick

Inspired By:

Natural Light

Favorite Music:


Favorite Season:


Style Crush:

Katey McFarlan

Culinary Preferences:

Mexican or Italian

Favorite Snack:


Guilty Pleasures:

Cheetos + Red Vines

Dreamy Places:

Napa, Manhattan, 30A, Cabo

Favorite Film:

Top Gun

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